The soul journey of the hottest neutron in the rea

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The "soul" journey of neutrons in the reactor

neutron chain fission reaction will produce new neutrons while releasing energy. It determines the size of the fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation, and will cause new fission, so as to make the fission reaction continue. So will there be more and more neutrons in the reactor

neutrons are called the "soul" of nuclear reactors and the "source problem" of nuclear safety research

in the reactor, neutrons strike the nucleus and cause nuclear fission. The process of fission releases energy and produces new neutrons at the same time. The newly generated neutrons cause new nuclear fission. The fission reaction continues continuously and new energy is continuously generated at the same time. This process is chain nuclear fission reaction

since each nuclear fission can release 2-3 new neutrons, as long as the conditions are appropriate, these new neutrons can make other atomic nuclei undergo new fission and release more new neutrons, so as to make the nuclear fission reaction continue, form a chain fission reaction, and continuously release the energy in the atomic nucleus

will there be more and more neutrons in the reactor

in fact, the answer to this question depends on the fate of neutrons in the reactor. If the collision between neutrons and nuclear fuel nuclei is compared to the combination of men and women, the problem becomes very simple:

first, neutrons marry the nuclear fuel family and have children to complete the family mission

the second kind, although they get married smoothly, they want to be a DINK

third, some neutrons do not follow the same path, but turn to pursue other women. However, women outside the nuclear fuel family are infertile due to physical reasons

fourth, some neutrons just want to be a happy bachelor, go out to sunbathe and live a free life

neutrons pursue four fates of the nuclear fuel family, bringing about four results for neutrons to check whether the emergency switch is pressed in the reactor

the first type, smoothly getting married and having children, refers to the nuclear fission reaction between neutrons and nuclei of nuclear fuel, releasing new neutrons and energy. This process is called fission. The energy released by fission is the energy source of nuclear power generation

the second, when Dink, refers to the interaction between neutrons and the nuclei of nuclear fuel, which does not trigger nuclear fission, but is absorbed by the nuclei of nuclear fuel

the third kind, infertility, refers to that neutrons will be absorbed by other substances in the reactor. Because the internal structure of the reactor is very complex, in addition to nuclear fuel, there are other substances, such as structural materials, coolant, absorbent, etc. These substances also absorb neutrons, but do not trigger fission reactions

the fourth type, bachelor, refers to that some neutrons will leak out of the core and do not interact with any substance in the core. However, these neutrons will act with substances outside the core to prevent them from expanding to the external environment. The former generally uses ordinary trapezoidal screw plus speed regulating electromechanical or variable frequency speed regulating system. The number of such neutrons is very low and can be basically ignored

from the above process, it can be seen that in addition to triggering nuclear fission reaction, a considerable number of neutrons in the reactor will be consumed due to other reasons. Therefore, the change of neutrons in the reactor is not necessarily more and more, but depends on the specific situation. During the normal operation of the reactor, the number of neutrons in the reactor should remain stable, so that the initial clamping force of the reactor is small to maintain constant power

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