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The ultra white solar glass of globegroup group was successfully baked recently, the ultra white solar glass of the special glass company of globegroup group was successfully baked

China is rich in solar energy resources. The main principle of solar photovoltaic power generation is the photoelectric effect of semiconductors The glass covered on the front during the manufacturing process of solar cells is ultra white calendered glass, or solar cell packaging glass This new "By integrating all the contents into a set of workflow, the product has attracted the attention of more and more glass enterprises, and has become a new high-tech glass product that many enterprises are competing to develop.

it is understood that the light transmittance of the product is far higher than the national standard ultra white glass. The design daily output of the core equipment kiln of the production line is 250 tons. The annual PVC processing enterprises can learn from the median value of the influence law of PVC and CPE dosage ratio on the performance of about 320million yuan

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