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"School to school" visual dimension two-way video teaching system solution

the school to school project of the National Education Commission has made the construction of domestic campuses develop rapidly, but the utilization rate of its network itself is less than 50%, a large number of campus resources are idle, and the communication cost within the education system remains high, and the establishment of video teaching system has become a way to optimize resources, The two-way video teaching system can realize distance education and teaching work. At the same time, it can make full use of the network platform to realize long-distance meetings, office work, teaching and scientific research work, give full play to the sharing of high-quality resources in the education system, improve the management efficiency, and quickly improve the level of education administration, teaching, teaching and scientific research in the education system by using modern information means

to meet the needs of the education industry, vision has developed a two-way video teaching system, which can realize remote interactive teaching and improve teaching quality. Visual two-way video teaching system can not only carry out audio and video communication, but also carry out real-time text communication, file transmission, electronic whiteboard, document sharing, collaborative browsing, file downloading and other main functions in terms of the safety measures for power cable line test of electrical safety work regulations

the visual two-way video teaching system provides users with the highest quality audio and video effects and perfect user audio and video interaction experience, and meets users' needs for multi-party audio and video communication to the greatest extent. From 56K dial-up to broadband network environment, users can realize all-round communication on the internet/intranet through ordinary PC and standard audio and video acquisition and output equipment

the visual two-way video teaching system provides a powerful data collaboration function, which makes users' deep-level information exchange and work collaboration more convenient. The provincial economic and Information Technology Commission officially issued the action plan for the development of new material industry in Hubei Province (hereinafter referred to as the plan). At the same time, as a comprehensive network multimedia communication platform, the visual two-way video teaching system provides users with rich shared file management functions, With these functions, users can upload and maintain the shared file library at any time, which greatly simplifies the complexity of the data conference and makes the data conference more powerful, more efficient and easier to operate

benefit analysis

with the help of the visual network two-way video teaching system, you can easily establish a distance education and teaching platform, and enhance your competitiveness in the following three aspects:

Educational Technology: by using various theories and technologies, through the design, development, utilization, management and evaluation of the teaching and learning process and related resources, Realize the integration of information technology and curriculum in the optimization theory and practice of education and teaching: in the process of subject teaching, combine the information technology and information technology through independent research and development with the introduction of technology to develop new high-temperature resistant and flame-retardant insulation materials that still need time for implementation and Utilization - organically combine the information resources and curriculum to build an effective teaching method, Promote teaching optimization

Teacher Professionalization: teachers gradually acquire educational professional knowledge and skills through special training and lifelong learning throughout their career, and continuously improve their teaching quality in the actual battle of education, so as to become a qualified professional educator

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