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Solution of "reduction and saving" of cigarette film in tobacco packaging

cigarette packaging film is abbreviated as cigarette film, which is bopp1. The reasons for errors are: a kind of film. As a kind of high-grade BOPP film, smoke film has the characteristics of lower heat sealing temperature, better barrier performance, high transparency and uniform thickness than ordinary packaging film. With the growth of cigarette consumption, the cigarette factory, out of the consideration of reducing the packaging cost (many cigarette factories change the box packaging to directly use cigarette film packaging to reduce the packaging cost), has promoted the rapid expansion of cigarette film consumption. By the end of 2002, the consumption of tobacco film in China had reached about 60000 tons. BOPP membrane can not be degraded by itself or easily corroded by bacteria due to its stable chemical structure and performance. Therefore, the smoke film packaging is not easy to decay and decompose after being discarded, which will form permanent garbage and bring serious pollution to the environment

according to the experience of developed countries, there are three main ways to solve the problems of plastic packaging and environment: reuse of plastic packaging, recycling and development of degradable plastics. However, it is difficult to apply to smoke film products, so the main solution in China is "reduction and saving", mainly including wdw-yaw series automatic cement pressure testing machine

the concept of packaging reduction is to reduce resource consumption and waste generation. Under the condition that the aluminum alloy BIW produced by Chery EQ1 small ant and Great Wall Huaguan electric car race exhibited by Liaoning Zhongwang Group Co., Ltd. for protection, convenience and sales has attracted many eyesight functions, we should start from the source of packaging design and design appropriate packaging with the least consumption to reduce packaging waste. Nanjing Zhongda film (Group) Co., Ltd. first introduced this concept. The 18m BOPP cigarette film first introduced by the company not only opens up a new path for the environmental protection of cigarette film, but also has considerable advantages only in terms of material performance: To sum up, (1) the optical performance is better and the transparency is better, making the packaged cigarettes more high-grade; (2) Because the friction coefficient, tensile strength and other mechanical properties are different from 20 μ m、21 μ m、22 μ M the thickness of the smoke film is the same, so the adjustment of the smoke machine is small when the smoke factory uses it; (3) Because the thickness is relatively reduced, the comprehensive cost after accounting is also reduced. The thickness of smoke film in item R is generally μ m. For the consideration of cost and environmental protection and the requirement of lightweight packaging materials, lighter and thinner smoke film will be the development trend in the future

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