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Fangzheng Yinjie digital printing system organ text printing solution (II)

functional features of Fangzheng Yinjie digital printing system

1 Workflow direct connection and fast printing, stable performance

founder Yinjie digital printing workflow has perfect digital printing operation processing ability, and directly connects, drives and supports the digital printing equipment through founder's special equipment interface card, so that any work can be printed at full speed according to the speed of the equipment movement

day before day 2 Professional folding and rich prepress processing functions

the printing process fully supports various jigsaw folding functions required for digital printing, and can match the jigsaw with the digital printing equipment

the folding binding device fits closely. Ordinary users can customize the template according to their special needs, so it is difficult to detect the elongation of steel wire and complete the personalized folding process

3. Today, the all Chinese interface mainly introduces the use and main functions of the electronic universal experimental machine. It is easy to use. All interfaces from software to hardware use the simplified Chinese interface, which is very convenient for Chinese users to learn and use

4. Flexible and variable automatic numbering

the printing process can automatically output continuous and variable numbers at the designated position on the cover of each document, which is a unique function of the printing system and has important practical significance for the security and confidentiality of official document printing of government agencies

5. Intelligent identification, self selection of paper size

can automatically select and output paper of different sizes according to the number of pages, so as to control the cost to the greatest extent and reduce the waste of paper

6. The software controls and manages the parallel connection of multiple machines. Bayer invented Pu technology for parallel output, which has doubled the productivity

7 Strong software compatibility, support various systems and various types of Chinese font

compatible with all typesetting systems, support PS and PDF formats generated by all typesetting software, and have a localized rapid response and all-round R & D support service system close to users

8. It can be equipped with a complete industry application scheme

to meet the short edition, fast, variable and personalized printing needs of different industries such as publishing houses, government agencies, commercial Express Printing centers/media/education/libraries/Finance/telecommunications/postal/insurance

9. High precision fast batch document scanning

high speed scanning of double-sided documents

scanned documents can enter the process processing

optional automatic image correction function

optional OCR function

10 Other professional practical functions

support various special media

storage and printing functions

flexible page shift function, software compensation for alignment accuracy, and meet the unified requirements for the position of professional printing pages

powerful and flexible page insertion function, which can automatically insert the required pages

perfect watermarking function, Watermark encryption

directly controls all options

can directly control toner concentration and image rotation

to meet the special needs of organ text printing, founder printing has launched a powerful solution

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