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Solutions for packaging and printing in printing production as the world's largest supplier of prepress equipment, cleorsay angel is famous for its strong technical development ability. Its products have won international awards for many times and set a number of industrial standards. Its digital prepress solution, especially the thermal computer direct plate making technology and workflow management system, has been in the forefront, and the installed number has been far ahead. Today's packaging and printing day new moon exhibit, Cleorsay angel's leading packaging and printing solutions have attracted more and more professional packaging users "Since the beginning of this year, we will introduce the series of products provided by Cleopatra angel for packaging and printing.

Quansheng for offset printing and LOTEM series computer direct plate making machine

the squarespottm square light spot thermal imaging technology unique to Cleopatra angel has been favored by the industry since it was found out. It has won the GATF technology award after the completion of all the U.S. printing technology fund projects for five times, and is a leader in the field of computer direct plate making, More than 2500 sets have been successfully installed worldwide and rapidly expanded to the field of digital offset printing. Because shortening the printing preparation time is particularly critical for the digital offset press, the Suba 74-di in Heidelberg, DICOweb in Manroland, and projectd in Komori have all adopted the squarespottm square light spot thermal imaging technology of cleossay angel, which is recognized as the best direct imaging technology, and in fact has become an industrial standard

square light spot thermal imaging technology ensures consistent and stable color at present.

as the points generated by the square light spot thermal imaging technology are accurate and stable, printing the same product at any time and at any place can ensure uniform color. 1. The instrument and equipment management personnel must be familiar with the performance and operating procedures of the instruments and equipment under their control, which is particularly beneficial to packaging and printing. In the printing process of other technologies, the point edges will change, so it is difficult to achieve the uniform color of each printing sheet

halftone dot proofing

the unique square light spot thermal imaging technology of cleossian angel can not only expose the thermal printing plate, but also do halftone dot proofing. After exposure, the thermal dyes of cyan, magenta, yellow and black can be raised and transferred to the transparent film, and then overlaid on any paper. Because the proofing and printing output use the same digital files, and the resolution, line and dot shapes are identical, the proofing is particularly accurate, The final printing effect can be predicted

thermoflex thermal flexible direct plate making machine

THERMOFLEX thermal flexible direct plate making machine of Cleopatra Angel adopts thermal imaging technology, with point expansion, high printing resistance, stable and consistent color, simple printing process control, which greatly improves production efficiency and printing quality. In any place, no matter what type of cliorsay Angel thermal direct plate making machine the user uses, they can get uniform colors

to meet the needs of different customers, THERMOFLEX has five models, covering all sizes from the narrowest format. Compared with the film contact exposure of traditional flexographic plate making, it only takes about one hour for the thermal computer to directly make the plate and output the four-color full width flexographic plate, which can save a lot of time

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