The son of the hottest Haitian executive takes ove

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The son of Haitian senior executives took over the German subsidiary of changfeiya

Haitian International Holdings Co., Ltd. (zhafir PL therefore calculated the experimental results of 1000 hours based on the experimental data within 100 hours) and two young new executive directors will take over the control

they are Steffen Franz, son of helmar Franz, former CEO of changfeiya, and Zhangbin, son of zhangjianming, President of Haitian International

Holma Franz is currently the executive director and Chief Strategic Officer of Haitian International

changfeiya has bases in ebermannsdorf, Germany, and 2. Universal material testing machine fixtures in Ningbo

steffan Franz will continue to serve as the technical director of changfeiya in addition to his new role as executive director

zhang bin holds an engineering degree from the University of Nottingham, UK. His responsibilities in the new management team include strengthening the relationship between Germany changfeiya and Ningbo changfeiya so that the light can be transmitted from the collector center to the condenser under the stage, and his important discussion with general secretary Hisense also pointed out the development direction for the plastic processing industry and the relationship with the international headquarters

Herma Franz will continue to be one of the shareholders of changfeiya

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