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Solution of Yanxiang EIP products in coal mine safety monitoring

[system introduction]

coal is one of the important energy sources related to China's national economy and people's livelihood. There are 100000 coal mines in China, and tens of millions of coal workers are engaged in this production in China. However, China's coal production technology is relatively backward and the safety measures are not in place, leading to accidents such as coal mine tile explosion, mine roof collapse, water inrush under the pit, and serious lack of oxygen in the mine. The 5th 2014 Summit Forum on the utilization of new materials and technologies for rubber and plastic cables will be held in Wuxi International Hotel, Jiangsu Province, which poses a great threat to the life safety of coal production workers and also brings great losses to the country. Therefore, ensuring the life safety of coal production workers, improving coal production technology and safety monitoring measures are also urgent problems to be solved in coal mines

[system requirements]

it can collect some external parameters that affect the safety of coal production in the mine and the tunnel, including the content of air tile, underground water level and oxygen. Therefore, 1 it is necessary to regularly check the temperature, vibration, content of internal wires, roof pressure and other external parameters of the mechanical and electrical equipment. In real time, 1000mm3 will be collected to the coal mine management center. After the server of the management center obtains these data, Through real-time analysis of these data collected by software, we can evaluate whether these data are qualified, so as to determine whether the mine and tunnel production conditions are safe, so as to provide a favorable guarantee for safe production. It is required to build a complete collection, communication, software processing and alarm system with Evonik products

[hardware requirements]

1. In underground coal mining, the ground is wet, dark and dusty, and the computer equipment used must be moisture-proof and dust-proof

2. To collect the external environmental parameters affecting safety in real time, the computer equipment used must be able to work stably for a long time and have high reliability

3. Due to the uneven terrain of the coal mine, the equipment used must be easy to install and maintain

[Yanxiang's solution]

industrial computer: Yanxiang industrial control computers Xiangrui ii-p24d22 and Xiangjie ii-p10s12 are installed at the upstream and downstream ends of each coal mine tunnel to process the collected signals and conduct software analysis and processing of the data

data acquisition module: ark-24017, ark-24018, ark-24042 can collect data such as groundwater level, roof pressure, tile content, well temperature, oxygen content, etc. at the same time, they can also collect wind pressure and wind flow of wellhead sensors to judge whether the fan operates

field instruments: pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, water level sensor, tile content detector, oxygen content detector

system schematic diagram:

[product selected by Yanxiang]

1. Original Yanxiang industrial control computer: Xiangrui ii-p24d22 (P4 level), Xiangjie ii-p10s12 (P3 level)

2. Yanxiang ark-24000 series remote i/o data acquisition modules: ark-24017, ark-24018, ark-24042, ark-24043

3. Yanxiang serial port expansion card: pcl-743b/745b

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