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Now many people read e-books. A hard disk can hold the contents of a cabinet of books. The existence of study is more often a psychological need

everyone hopes that after busy work and life, there is a place that really belongs to them. It's OK to read in the dark, or smoke in a daze. The important thing is to calm down and listen to your inner voice

the study is also a place for family spiritual and cultural exchanges. Parents, as children's best teachers and models, watch them talk about ancient and modern times with sages in the study. The cultural edification they have been exposed to is more valuable than any school district room

how to build a perfect study? Hanning logs, who has experienced many battles, come to talk about your experience:

quiet location

location of the study Hanning will choose a relatively quiet room, which is a certain distance from the entrance and living room, so that it can not be affected by others' entrance and exit or recreational activities

the natural smell of logs

the study is a place to meditate and learn knowledge, and keeping a clear mind is the key. Hanning comes from high-quality logs from the forest, discards the chemical flavor of modern industry, and emits a unique green and healthy flavor. It is the most natural home partner with the ancient charm and scholarly fragrance of the study

sufficient light

the study is a place for reading and writing, which has higher requirements for light than other areas. Make sure that you can get enough sunshine in your study during the day. It is best to put the writing desk in a sunny but not direct place in the study

natural light

reading during the day has natural light, and reading at night requires lamps to illuminate. Generally, fluorescent tubes and ceiling lamps will be installed in the study. If you like chandeliers very much, the best installation position should not be too low, otherwise the shadow of backlight will give people a sense of depression

suitable desk

the protagonists in the study should be desks and chairs. They are inseparable like lovers in love. But love also depends on "fit". Desks and chairs should choose the corresponding materials and height according to personal conditions. It is best to sit and feel in person. Hanning private customized service, based on ergonomics, creates an exclusive desk partner

low-key environment

the environment has a subtle impact on people. In addition to being consistent with the overall decoration style of the house, considering that it is mainly a reading area, it is not suitable to choose too jumping colors as the main colors, which is easy to make people distracted and trance. It is best to choose some soft colors or cool colors, logs, etc., so that people can calm down and devote themselves to the artistic conception of reading

the study is a space to absorb mental food and an area for the family to study and work. While paying attention to the scholarly and cultural atmosphere, it also has practicality. Hanning logs are customized to meet the ultimate needs of every owner for quality, and carefully create every perfect spiritual space




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