What are the precautions for interior decoration

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Pay attention to hidden hydropower projects

hydropower transformation requires professionals to operate, and many owners will let the master carry out construction without acceptance. In fact, after the reconstruction of hydropower lines, they will be buried in the wall. Once there is a problem, it is very troublesome to rework. Therefore, during the interior decoration, the acceptance must be carried out before the embedding of the line to check whether the route meets the requirements and whether the strong and weak current intersect

wall and ground problems

both wall and ground will be decorated. During decoration, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the wall and ground are flat and whether there are unnecessary bumps. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether there is hollowing on the wall and ground. If there is, workers should be required to rework in time

drainage problem

the drainage problem of kitchen and bathroom can not be ignored. Once the drainage is not smooth, it is easy to immerse the ground in the water and damage the floor and wall, so we must pay attention to check whether the installation of floor drain is scientific and whether the drainage is smooth

waterproof problem

the waterproof problem of kitchen and bathroom is as important. After the waterproof layer is completed, it is best to test the waterproof effect to check whether the waterproof is in place, so as to avoid the later water leakage affecting neighborhood relations and home life

socket problem

the design and number of sockets must be considered well. The use of modern household appliances is generally increasing, so the number of sockets can be reserved as much as possible, so as to facilitate the use of appliances later. The height and location of sockets should also be reasonably designed and planned

any item that is not handled well during decoration may directly affect future family life, so careful acceptance must be paid attention to during decoration to ensure the optimization of decoration effect




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