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Since the development of ecological wood ceiling, there are countless large and small manufacturers, and the market prospect is bright. Such popularity among consumers is mainly due to the strong functional advantages of ecological wood ceiling. Today, Xiaobian will tell you something about the ecological wood ceiling in the kitchen. Let's have a look

since the development of ecological wood ceiling, there are countless manufacturers with large and small numbers, and the market prospect is bright. The reason why it is so popular with consumers is mainly because of the strong functional advantages of ecological wood ceiling. Today, Xiaobian will tell you something about the ecological wood ceiling in the kitchen. Let's have a look

kitchen ecological wood ceiling advantages

1 Plastic function: the product has 12 colors, which can be used with any combination. The products also have the characteristics that wood products can be nailed, planed and sawed, so the shapes are more casual and diverse

2. Antibacterial function: the product has been pre treated with antibacterial treatment before leaving the factory. The product is not easy to produce mildew and moisture, and can effectively resist and prevent microorganisms (such as general mold) from growing on the surface of the object

3. Fire prevention function: the ecological wood ceiling has met the fire prevention standards of many countries. The fire protection standard in China is Class B1

4. Safety and environmental protection function: it has outstanding advantages in environmental protection. It fully conforms to European and domestic testing standards. It is all made of environmental friendly raw material wood powder, and does not contain formaldehyde, cadmium, ethanol and other harmful substances. It can be recycled 100% without any impact on the environment, which fully conforms to the environmental protection theme of today's society

5. Anti aging performance: due to the strong stability and anti-aging of ecological wood materials, the ecological wood ceiling can be used for up to 20 years under normal conditions

how to choose the ecological wood ceiling in the kitchen

first of all, the best choice of color is similar to the color of oil stains, so it doesn't look so obvious when it's dirty. When choosing the color of the ceiling, it's best not to choose the ivory wood color. It looks obvious when it's a little dirty. You can choose some sandalwood, teak, etc., so that it looks beautiful and dirt resistant when it's decorated

secondly, the choice of specifications, because the oil stains should be cleaned frequently. Although the ecological wood belongs to the kind that is easier to clean, if you choose the specification with too many bumps, it will take more time to clean, so choose the one that is as flat as possible, which is much more convenient when cleaning. It is recommended to choose the one with wider width, with less seams, which will not be so troublesome when cleaning

thirdly, for the choice of quality, many owners will choose those relatively low-end products when choosing ecological wood ceiling because of their own budget, because their prices are cheap enough, every penny is worth the goods. Although these products are cheap, the quality of their products is definitely not guaranteed. These products must add a lot of foaming agents, toner, etc., and the products they produce must be of poor materials, The surface will be relatively loose, with small bubbles and the like, and there is no crust protective layer. If a large amount of oil stains will penetrate into the ceiling, qualitative changes will occur. I believe it can't be used without cleaning it for several times. At that time, it will be redecorated, which will not only waste money, but also waste time. If a good ecological wood ceiling is used, its surface crusts better, oil stains will not penetrate into it, and it is easy to clean. If it is maintained, it can be guaranteed for 20 years

I believe that many consumers can spend a lot of time and money to decorate their kitchens, and they all want to live by themselves. Therefore, remind consumers that they must not be greedy for a temporary bargain and have to redecorate in less than a year or two. At that time, they still have to make trouble for themselves. Choose ecological wood ceiling, or choose brand, which is guaranteed in all aspects

the above is the introduction of the relevant contents of the kitchen ecological wood ceiling. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more information about kitchen ceiling, please continue to pay attention to information





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