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The 12th Five Year Plan for wind power development pointed out that China's offshore wind power installed capacity will reach 5million kW in 2015. The actual situation is that the cumulative installed capacity of offshore wind power in China is about 400000kw. Recently, xiehongwen, director of new energy department of Sinohydro power and water resources planning and Design Institute, said at the Sino European offshore wind power offshore wind power engineering and equipment manufacturing technology forum that even if the 4.1 million KW offshore wind power projects that have been approved by the state for preliminary work can be completed by 2015, it is almost impossible to achieve the goal of 5million kW offshore wind power planning in the 12th Five Year Plan

according to the participating experts, China will implement and start a new offshore wind power construction scheme in the near future. The scheme will strongly support the development of offshore wind power, and the access system will not set a threshold for the time being. The introduction of this plan will greatly promote the development of the industry

the market is still vast

in recent years, wind power is still pursued by the power generation market

although the development speed of global offshore wind power has slowed down, the UK lowered its offshore wind power development forecast at the end of last year. By 2020, the scale of offshore wind power in the country will reach 10million kW, which is significantly lower than the 18million kW predicted in 2011. As the world's third largest offshore wind power market after Britain and Denmark, Germany also lowered its 2020 offshore wind power development target from 10million kW to 6.5 million KW. However, its growth rate is still favored by the industry

according to authoritative data, the global offshore wind power installed capacity will increase by 26117 MW from 2014 to 2018; By the end of 2018, the cumulative installed capacity of global offshore wind power is expected to reach 32948 MW, accounting for 6% of the global installed capacity of wind power

in particular, China has good conditions to develop and build the largest horizontal tensile testing machine for steel wire rope on the sea, which is mainly applicable to testing the stress-strain and breaking test load of optical fiber composite extruded ground wire (OPGW) and other products under the rated test force or constant load tensile force of 250 kn, and to distribute the only wordld wind power. With the national attention and the gradual maturity of the industry itself, China's offshore wind power 90 degree stripping industry will develop to a large scale, And gradually show a good momentum of development

attaching importance to and vigorously developing offshore wind power and accelerating the construction of offshore wind power can not only drive the development of marine economy and equipment manufacturing industry, but also ensure China's energy security, meet the sustainable supply of energy, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction

starting from the 1.5MW experimental unit of CNOOC Bohai Drilling Platform in 2007, China's offshore wind farms have been put into operation about 389000 kW, ranking fifth in the world after Britain, Denmark, Belgium and Germany

including the Shanghai Donghai Bridge offshore wind power demonstration project of 102 MW, Jiangsu Rudong 32.5 MW intertidal test wind farm and Jiangsu Rudong 200 MW intertidal demonstration wind farm

technical standards need to be improved

at present, China's offshore wind power market is large and its development is not smooth. There are still problems such as relatively weak basic work and slow construction progress. It is far from the goal that China's offshore wind power installed capacity will reach 5million kW in 2015

in addition, the evaluation of offshore wind energy resources in China has not been systematically carried out, and the marine hydrological survey and seabed geological survey are also relatively weak. These working conditions are difficult and long-term, which affect the smooth progress of offshore wind farm construction. At present, the state has approved the development and construction of the 4.1 million KW offshore wind power project in the preliminary work by 2015, which can guarantee the realization of the 12th Five year plan goal of 5million kW offshore wind power, but it is very difficult

the development of offshore wind power involves many fields. The relevant departments have different understanding of the development of offshore wind power, and the actual implementation of management standards by the relevant functional departments around the country are different, thus increasing the cycle of preliminary work. It generally takes more than 2 years for offshore wind power projects to obtain permission for sea area use demonstration, pass marine environmental impact assessment and navigation safety demonstration

at present, although some technical standards for preliminary work have been formulated, a perfect standard system has not been formed. There is a lack of technical specifications in engineering survey, construction, installation, operation management and maintenance, which makes it difficult to effectively guide the whole process of the project. Offshore wind power faces technical risks and cost control

in addition, the offshore wind power project is complex, the operating environment is harsh, the construction is difficult and the technical requirements are high. China's 5-MW and 6-mw high-capacity units are still in a small number of trial operation stages in terms of manufacturing, offshore construction equipment can not adapt to a variety of construction conditions, and there is insufficient research and test on the design and construction of offshore wind power foundation. The technical grade of offshore substation and submarine cable is also low

temporary electricity price encourages development

to promote and encourage the development of this industry. Recently, while the overall recovery of wind power, the policy level is also helping the development of offshore wind power

the introduction of benchmark electricity price for offshore wind power has solved some bottleneck problems in the development of offshore wind power to a certain extent, and some projects that have been bidding or are in the process of preliminary work and have been approved will be accelerated

according to qinhaiyan, Secretary General of China Wind Energy Association, the introduction of offshore wind power benchmark price will play an important role in promoting the development of offshore wind power from 2014 to 2016. This period is the actual exploration stage of large-scale offshore wind power cost and electricity price level, which means that there will be a more objective and reasonable electricity price policy by 2017

by the end of 2013, there were 17 projects approved by the national or provincial energy authorities to promote the preliminary work, mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Hebei, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other regions, with a total installed capacity of 4.1 million KW

however, offshore wind power development faces the problems of high cost and high risk. The wind energy resources, construction conditions, offshore distance, cost level and wind power development and construction cost of offshore wind farms are different in different regions. To this end, it is clear that the electricity price is conducive to major energy investment groups to assess project risks and substantially promote the development and construction of offshore wind power

at present, the temporary electricity price stipulates that there are two electricity prices in the country. Before 2017, the electricity price for offshore wind power projects put into operation was 0.85 yuan per kilowatt hour, and the electricity price for intertidal wind power projects was 0.75 yuan per kilowatt hour. At the same time, high-quality resources are encouraged to be developed first, and the completion time limit is the end of 2016

in addition, more than 11million kW wind power projects in China are carrying out preliminary work in the pre feasibility study and feasibility study stages, of which more than 7million kW offshore wind power projects have completed the preparation of pre feasibility study reports. In 2015, a complete offshore wind power industry chain and service system will be formed; In 2020, offshore wind power will have more large-scale development conditions, and the international cooperation capacity will be further enhanced

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