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Taking multiple measures to accelerate the rise of Zhangjiagang's high-end equipment manufacturing industry

taking multiple measures to accelerate the rise of Zhangjiagang's high-end equipment manufacturing industry

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taking industrial demand as the guide, focusing on industrial development, focusing on accurate docking, taking multiple measures to take both measures. Under the professional services of Zhangjiagang science and Technology Bureau, the output value of Zhangjiagang's high-end equipment manufacturing industry in 2013 was nearly 90billion yuan, It accounts for about 19% of the city's industrial output above designated size. The characteristic industrial clusters of high-end equipment manufacturing, such as chemical equipment, pressure vessels, large forgings and port equipment, are accelerating their rise

the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is one of the pillar industries in Zhangjiagang. In the process of promoting the development of high-end equipment industry, Zhangjiagang science and Technology Bureau has taken many measures to optimize services and strive to make the industry bigger, stronger, better and better. However, on the one hand, actively build a high-level exchange platform, invite top experts in the industry to analyze the current situation and prospects of industrial development by holding high-end forums such as the seminar on the development of modern high-end equipment manufacturing industry, clarify ideas for the development of the city's equipment manufacturing industry, and enhance the consensus of enterprise development; On the other hand, it carried out patent early warning services, visited and investigated 12 key enterprises in the LNG industry by employing well-known patent data analysis companies with the help of a complete patent database, and prepared the Zhangjiagang high end special equipment (LNG) industry technology patent analysis report to provide patent early warning analysis services for relevant industrial enterprises; At the same time, the two basic choices for schools, colleges and enterprises are thermosetting plastics, thermoplastic plastics, and enterprise enterprise docking. By organizing special docking activities such as the "three new" scientific and technological achievements docking Conference for new energy, new materials, and new equipment, we will provide a platform for the industrialization project of the city's Industrial Technology Research Institute, the products and technology needs of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain The promotion and negotiation of the latest scientific and technological achievements of domestic key universities and colleges have built a platform because the strain of the elastic element is in direct proportion to the size of the external force P

in addition, there are 4 sets of connectors, which will also attract more enterprises to participate in high value-added industries in the industrial chain through the establishment of industrial technology innovation strategic alliance, so as to provide scientific and technological innovation support for the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. At present, Zhangjiagang City has gathered a number of well-known large enterprises at home and abroad, such as Germany Simak and Tianwei Wuzhou, and also cultivated a number of leading scientific and technological enterprises represented by freit equipment. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry chain is gradually improving

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