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Up to 1000 ℃! Recently, a mysterious energy company supported by Microsoft founder Bill Gates has made a major technological breakthrough in the use of solar energy. According to CNN reports, the "heliocgen" clean energy company has found a way to use artificial intelligence and mirror arrays to reflect a large amount of sunlight, thereby generating a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees Celsius, In essence, it is equivalent to making a solar ultra-high temperature oven, whose temperature is about 1/4 of the surface temperature of the sun

this breakthrough means that, for the first time, human beings use concentrated solar energy to obtain such a high temperature, which can be used to produce high temperature required by industrial processes such as cement, steel, glass, etc. In other words, sunlight will be able to replace fossil fuels in industrial production areas with serious carbon emissions that are not touched by the clean energy revolution

bill gross, founder and CEO of heliogen, said in an interview with CNN: "we are promoting this new technology that can completely beat the price of fossil fuels and will not produce carbon dioxide. This is the real energy revolution and the killer of reducing carbon dioxide!"

using artificial intelligence to achieve extreme high temperatures

different from the traditional roof solar power generation, heliogen is improving the so-called centralized solar power generation. The technology of using mirrors to reflect sunlight to the development of electric vehicles is not new. Concentrated solar energy has been used in the past to generate electricity and, to some extent, to heat industry. Oman even uses it to provide the power needed to drill for oil. But the concentrated solar energy thus obtained is not hot enough to make cement and steel

unlike other CSP solutions, heliogen and its team of scientists and engineers turned to artificial intelligence. They use computer vision software, automatic edge detection and other complex technologies to "train" a mirror field to reflect sunlight to a point. It is reported that if thousands of mirrors reflect sunlight to one point, extreme high temperatures can be obtained

after achieving the above breakthroughs, the company will focus on proving that the technology can be applied on a large scale, such as manufacturing cement. They are trying to expand the scope of the company's technology so that it can power facilities that produce steel and cement, and even aircraft and trucks. However, CNN said that the company's biggest challenge is how to persuade traditional industrial enterprises to invest in the application of the new achievement

Bill Gates, who has returned to the world's richest man, said in a statement that he is optimistic about this investment.

Bill Gates said: "I am very happy to be the initial investor of Bill Gross's new solar energy startup. People are looking forward to one day finding an alternative to fossil fuel energy. It is clear that heliogen's photovoltaic heating is a very meaningful innovation."

recently, thanks to the rise of Microsoft stock, Bill Gates surpassed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and returned to the position of richest man in the world

huangxinxiang, the billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Times, is also one of the investors of heliogen. As a member of the board of directors of the company, The Chinese tycoon said: "I believe this patented technology will significantly reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Taking the cement industry as an example, according to the data of the International Energy Agency, cement production accounts for 7% of the global carbon dioxide emissions. What if we use solar heating to produce cement? The carbon dioxide emissions that can be reduced will delay the intensification of the greenhouse effect. Bill Gross and his team are really great. They have really used solar energy. Human beings The potential of this innovation is enormous, and the commercial value of this innovation is immeasurable

heliogen also said that another potential application of the company's photovoltaic heating technology is large-scale hydrogen production, and carbon free liquid hydrogen can be directly used as fuel for trucks and aircraft, "If it can be manufactured with this technology and the output air pressure of the experimental machine is proportional to the driving air pressure without hydrocarbon, it will completely change the game rules of the energy industry. In the long term, we hope to become a green hydrogen energy company."

challenge: how to convince the industrial giants using fossil fuels

at present, heliogen mainly focuses on solar energy, but one problem with solar energy is that the illumination time is limited, while large industries such as cement manufacturers have a constant demand for heat energy. How to solve this contradiction? Energy storage system has become the best choice. Fortunately, the energy storage technology can be integrated. Now heliogen is considering how to demonstrate the large-scale application of this technology

"we are racing against time. We should expand the scale as soon as possible!"

if the large-scale application is successful, the next step is to prepare for listing, which requires more capital to expand the scale. Huangxinxiang, an investor, said he planned to invest more money in heliogen, but declined to say how much money the startup has raised so far

heliogen's biggest challenge will be to persuade industrial enterprises using fossil fuels to invest in conversion (photovoltaic heating). Gross said the company has been negotiating privately with potential customers and plans to announce its first customers soon. Photovoltaic heating will greatly improve the detection ability of high molecular materials in Southwest China. The big selling point is that unlike fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, sunlight is free. "If we go to a cement company and say to them that we can provide you with green energy and save you money without emitting carbon dioxide, then only a fool will refuse. In addition, we have adopted the latest artificial intelligence. I believe this technology is competitive enough to attract those industrial giants."

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