Warmest congratulations on the opening of the sout

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Warm congratulations on the opening of the south line of Jinan Qingdao Expressway on December 22, the electrical and electronic industries of the south line of Jinan Qingdao expressway were officially opened to traffic. Compared with other production lines in the same range, Laiwu people's traffic dream of "going to heaven in half an hour and going to the sea in two hours" was realized, marking that Laiwu officially entered the economic circle of Jinan in half an hour, which injected new impetus into Laiwu's economic development, which is still in an important period of strategic opportunities

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the south line of Jinan Qingdao Expressway consists of two sections: Jinan Laiwu Expressway and Qingdao Laiwu expressway. The Fenghuang road in the high tech Zone where Shandong Lichuang Technology Co., Ltd. is located is connected with the Laicheng District exit of Jilai expressway section. It takes 35 minutes from Lichuang technology to Jinan airport, 1.5 hours from Lichuang technology to Huangdao, and 2 hours and 10 minutes around Jiaozhou Bay Expressway to Qingdao. So far, the distance from Laiwu exit of Ji Lai expressway, Qing Lai expressway, Bo Lai Expressway (Zibo Laiwu), Tai Lai Expressway (Tai'an Laiwu) and Laixin Expressway (Laiwu Xintai) to Lichuang technology is no more than 5km

welcome new and old friends to visit Lichuang science and technology to guide the work and jointly form a grand plan for cooperation and development

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