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Uncover the mystery: the customer service operator receives an average of 100 calls per hour. In recent years, some funny audio related to the company's customer service operator has become popular on the Internet, including the helplessness of the customer service operator and the humor of beating people. However, when these audio were quietly popular, more and more people began to pay attention to these mysterious people, and praised the telephone operator as a profession requiring strong endurance

picture: guolili is answering calls

an average of 100 calls per hour

at about 9:00 yesterday morning, she came to the 114 navigation call platform of the customer service call center of China Unicom Baishan branch. She has not yet entered the work area, and can already hear the telephone operators report numbers to the public with standard service terms. After entering the work area, I saw that at this time, a total of 8 telephone operators on the platform were busy. They not only had to tap their fingers on the keyboard quickly, but also had to inform the citizens on the other side of the query results

the platform has 16 operators, including two backstage duty personnel. Yangyingqiu, manager of the customer service call center, told us that since the 114 navigation system must be opened 24 hours a day, the 16 telephone operators implement a three shift system on weekdays. About sixorseven people answer each shift. If they catch up with the peak hours, they even need eight or nine people to get busy. On the computer in the backstage duty room, the staff member liyanzhu called out a statistical sheet, which contained the one hour work records of the telephone operators of a shift. According to statistics, one of the telephone operators received 130 calls within an hour, with an average time of 23 seconds each. In other words, she was receiving calls for 50 minutes in an hour, and the speed was really amazing. Liyanzhu told that each operator answered about 100 calls per hour, with an average time of seconds

speak fast and efficient

drink water skillfully to ensure the connection rate

yangyingqiu told us that during the peak hours of 114 navigation, the number of calls answered was nearly 7000 times a day, with an average of more than 5000 times a day. Such a large amount of information was completed by the hard work of these 16 operators. In general, the two on duty telephone operators in the background are responsible for information entry and verification, including new installation and relocation. They have to check the accuracy of these information every day, which is particularly cumbersome. Not only that, when the front desk operators are too busy, they have to help connect the lines

yangyingqiu told that 114 navigation needs to ensure the connection rate, that is, the probability that the operator will successfully connect after people enter. In order to ensure the connection rate and provide timely services to customers, the operator must reduce the answer time of each steel hammer electronic universal experimental machine, which is specially designed and developed according to the mechanical property test of steel hammer, and the most answers in the shortest time. If people have dialed 114 navigation, they must have heard our operators speak very fast. That's why. Li Yanzhu said so

yangyingqiu said that with the efforts of more than a dozen telephone operators, the connection rate was guaranteed. However, the following problems have emerged: due to the limited manpower, each operator must always stare at his own computer. Therefore, the time to go to the bathroom is often occupied. In order to solve this problem, the telephone operator on duty needs to help play a substitute, so that the telephone operator on duty can find time to go out

during the interview, it was found that water cups were placed on each operator's workbench. Liyanzhu said that due to busy business, operators should also master the time when drinking water with non-metallic impact testing machines. When the customer calls for consultation, the operator will query the number for him. If the number is found, the system will enter the process of voice automatic number reporting. The operator can only drink water at this time. Li Yanzhu said

thanks to the efforts of these telephone operators, people can connect in time when they need to query numbers and other information

harassment and patience

telephone operators have both pain and pleasure

guolili is also a telephone operator in the customer service call center. Now, she has been a telephone operator for 4 years. She has a say in the pain and pleasure. Like other new telephone operators, when I first started this job, I didn't know anything about it. I learned from those old telephone operators. Guolili said that in the process of work, almost every operator received harassment

among those who harass, there are those who drink too much and those with low quality. As a telephone operator, we can't say evil words to each other when someone tells us those ugly words. Therefore, every time we receive such words, we will feel very aggrieved. We think that our internal force even moment or torque will be treated like this. Once these departments break down, many people leave their posts as telephone operators. This job requires great patience

although such a situation has been common, there are still many things that are heartwarming. Once, I received a call from an old man who didn't speak from Baishan. He said that he wanted to find a brother who had been separated from him for many years, but his information was very limited. Although he needed to ensure the connection rate, I helped him find valuable clues from the information he provided. Finally, I succeeded in helping him find it. Guolili said that although she lost some time because of that incident, she felt that she was very satisfied to be able to help others in such an ordinary position

there are few complaints about low wages

a 2-cent performance

the telephone operators here are basically young girls who are not old. Some of them have just joined the ranks of telephone operators, and some of them have worked for seven or eight years. Their daily work is to answer the inquiries from people from all over the world and help them to query numbers and other information. Yangyingqiu told that the monthly salary of each telephone operator is only 890 yuan. In addition, they can earn 2 cents of performance salary for each answer. In fact, their salary is very low. However, despite this, they still stick to their jobs tirelessly

when commenting on these operators, yangyingqiu said: they are excellent and attentive. Although every employee should be trained before taking the post, it is still difficult to master some trivial business knowledge, such as area code segment, code and other details at once. In order not to make mistakes when answering, they summarized these scattered business common sense, made them into small cards, and stuck tape on them to prevent wear and tear. In every little detail, we can see their serious and responsible attitude towards this job

at the end of the interview, yangyingqiu said that telephone operators also belong to the service industry, and they should be understood and recognized by the society. Behind the polite greetings we heard when we were connected, there were a lot of efforts of these young girls. Therefore, they hoped that everyone could understand such a profession

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