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Multiple profits helped Shanghai Rubber rise strongly

the price of rubber before the festival soared under the stimulation of rumors that the Chinese government might purchase inventory, and the main contract ru1001 soared by nearly 7%, forcing short sellers to admit compensation before the festival and close at a high level at the end of the day. Almost all positions increased during the day left the market. Following the trend before the festival, Shanghai Jiaotong rose sharply again on the 9th. The main contract ru1001 opened higher at 18880 yuan/ton, an increase of about 6%. After that, it made a slight correction and closed at 18590 yuan/ton. At present, Shanghai Jiaotong is driven by multiple positive factors, and the future market is expected to continue the current upward momentum

the current special tire protection measures of the United States and the follow-up behavior of some countries have certain negative effects on the domestic rubber demand, but on the other hand, this measure has led to an increase in the demand for natural rubber in Japan and other countries. Some tire manufacturers that are safe and reliable in actual use are shifting some tire production from China to Japan to meet the demand of the United States. It can be said that the international rubber demand fluctuates among regions, the global demand is still strong, and the demand for rubber in emerging markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America and other industries continues to grow

although the domestic tire industry and rubber industry are difficult to calm down in the short term, and measures such as tire product structure reform and policy support can not be effective overnight, similar measures have played an indispensable role in restoring market confidence

in terms of weather, a strong earthquake occurred in Padang City, Sumatra island, Indonesia on September 30. The U.S. Geological Survey measured the earthquake as a magnitude of 7.9. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii and the Japan Meteorological Administration said they had issued a regional tsunami warning. Padang is one of the largest rubber shipping ports in Indonesia. According to the local rubber manufacturers and shipping companies, during the Eid al Fitr holiday, the port containers piled up like a mountain. It is estimated that tens of thousands of tons of rubber are waiting to be shipped at the port. At present, the port facilities have been seriously damaged by the earthquake, and it may be difficult to return to normal within one month. During this period, the rubber cannot be shipped. As Indonesia is the second largest rubber producer in the world and Sumatra island is the main production area, the earthquake has had a certain impact on the global rubber price and has become a new subject of speculation in the market

finally, from the technical point of view, the Japanese glue is approaching the high point of the year, and its upward trend remains unchanged. After the decline at the end of September, it was easily worn out to near the 120 day moving average. It seems that the bottom of the correction of 16000 yuan/ton has been proved. On the 9th, it jumped up sharply, breaking the downward channel formed since August. At the same time, there is a golden fork in the daily MACD, which shows that the Shanghai Jiaotong multi air force has changed, and the kinetic energy has changed from weak to strong

at present, the domestic government's collection and storage rumor has enhanced the market's long expectation. During the national day, the trend of the external market is stable. In addition, supported by favorable factors such as the weather, Shanghai Jiaotong is expected to rise further in the future

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