The matching skills of living room fabric and sofa

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Fabric sofa is a popular sofa in recent years, which is mainly fashionable in appearance, environmentally friendly in material and affordable, and has been favored by many consumers. Especially for some young people, it is the first choice for home decoration. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the matching skills of living room fabric sofa

matching skills of living room fabric sofa

1. Dark colors with dark curtains

now fabric sofa is very popular in the market. No matter what color of fabric sofa, it is very personalized with pillows. The color is calm and thick, and the bright curtains in the matching are very beautiful, giving warmth to the home in the fast-paced modern city

2. Gray sofa color matching curtain

gray fabric sofa is matched with gray carpet and white screen window. This kind of matching gives people a sense of grace and wealth, which is a kind of matching method that many people prefer

3. Color matching of green series

green fabric sofa is the worst to match. The same color series can be used in matching, which gives people a more comfortable visual effect. Only in this way can we create a comfortable and artistic living space. Its form is simple but its style is very elegant, showing a detached and arrogant atmosphere

4. The combination of retro and simple fabric sofa and white

white fabric sofa is better to match. If you don't want to be so monotonous, you can choose brown floor mats for decoration. You can also put two dark pillows on the sofa, and then match them with simple curtains. Such matching adds interest to the living room, and the curtains with soft colors make the living room atmosphere more warm

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