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As the utilization rate of the floor in the room is the highest among all household building materials, every construction detail determines the firmness of the floor in the future use. Because the floor construction is a precise and professional project, and the flatness of the ground base plays a vital role in the floor construction, the application of self leveling construction technology in the floor construction is quite important, Both laminate floors and solid wood floors are made of wood, so any wood floor has the common characteristics of ordinary wood, including the adverse reaction of wood to temperature and humidity. The addition of self leveling floor can well insulate the base surface from moisture. In addition, the self leveling floor can also solve the six common problems of floor installation

first, the floor is affected by moisture to breed fungi

after a long time of moisture, the floor will be blackened due to bacteria, and the root cause of moisture is that the base layer under the floor does not have a good isolation function for moisture, resulting in the floor being in contact with the wet base surface for a long time. The treatment of self leveling floor solves this problem well, because the self leveling technology itself has the characteristics of low moisture content and quick drying. Therefore, the wooden floor affixed to the self leveling base can greatly reduce the phenomenon of moisture

second, the floor will swell and arch

due to the wood characteristics of the floor, the floor will swell after being wet for a long time, especially in the case of local moisture, and the arching phenomenon will occur due to the mutual extrusion between the floors. The treatment of self leveling floor will eliminate this phenomenon. It can not only prevent moisture and moisture on the ground, but also avoid local moisture on the floor with its excellent smoothness, uniformity and flatness

III. there is noise when treading on the floor

after using the wooden floor for a period of time, it will produce noise and empty floating feeling, which is called the concave convex phenomenon of the floor. First, the uneven grinding of the base course under the floor produces a ground height difference, which floats after long-term trampling. The second is the hollow phenomenon caused by the weak connection between the base course under the floor and the floor. The leveling function provided by the gravity leveling floor can eliminate the height difference of the ground and the floating phenomenon caused by the unsound base

IV. floor notch fracture

in recent years, latch technology is popular in floor technology. This latch technology closely connects the floor, but when the floor is seriously arched due to moisture, it will lead to latch deformation and even cracking. If the floor is well treated by self leveling to prevent moisture, the notch between the floors will maintain good tightness

v. there is a leak in the skirting

if the suspension paving method is adopted for the floor, the connection problem between the skirting line and the edge of the floor is avoided. Because the suspension paving method is easy to cause cracks between the floor and the skirting line due to the fragility of the base course, and then a series of late hidden dangers such as water and dust will appear. Therefore, the solid self flowing flat floor plays a solid role at this time. It will never cause the problem of ground subsidence due to long-term use, so there will be no cracks between the skirting line and the floor

VI. floor large-area bulging

large-area bulging and local bulging are caused by different reasons, and large-area bulging caused by poor cement stratification is more difficult to prevent and maintain. Good cement is a good foundation, and a solid artesian flat can also ensure the firmness of the base course and avoid ground problems caused by the fracture of the base course

◆ explanation of terms

new fusion foundation construction technology &mdash& mdash; Xinrongji construction technology represents the most advanced ground material construction method in Europe, and adheres to the rigorous ground material construction concept in Europe to ensure that each process meets European standards. This year, Xinrongji company introduced this construction technology to the Chinese market. In addition, Xinrongji also has an international excellent team. Each member of the team has not only received strict European construction technology training, but also has good moral quality. The European style construction of Xinrongji has been verified by Europeans who focus on the taste of the room for decades, ensuring the perfect display of floor materials in the room and the precise construction quality

self leveling &mdash& mdash; In short, self leveling is a ground construction technology, which is a liquid material mixed with multiple materials and water. After pouring into the ground, this liquid material can flow according to the uneven situation of the ground, automatically level the ground, and quickly dry it. The solidified ground will form a smooth, flat and seamless new base. In addition to the leveling function, self leveling can also play an important role in moisture-proof and antibacterial. This technology has been widely used in precision industries such as home furnishings, hotels, shopping malls and supermarkets, dust-free rooms, sterile rooms, hospitals, microelectronics manufacturers and so on





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