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The living room is the most frequently used in people's daily life. Its functions focus on relaxation, games, entertainment, meals and so on. As the center of the whole room, the living room deserves more attention. Whether it's a single person, two people or three people, the sofa that cannot be less for the living room is comfortable and durable. In addition to creating visual comfort, the sofa is an indispensable part of the decoration of the living room. Many designers suggest that choosing a comfortable and suitable sofa is also the secret of the success of living room decoration

key 1 evaluate your budget

casaredo sofa

some sofas need 200000 or 300000 yuan to buy, which is not suitable for consumers with limited space and tight budget. But if the sofa is too cheap, we should pay attention to its quality. The price of the product usually depends on the material and cloth. It is suggested to draw out the budget before buying and selecting

key 2 choose the most ergonomic

casaredo sofa

whether the sofa is comfortable to sit is the key, and the height, depth and comfort of the backrest of the sofa are the key points to consider. The common size of sofa depth in the market is 95 cm, which is suitable for people under 170 cm in height; For people over 170 cm tall, it is best to choose a sofa with a depth of 105 cm to be the most comfortable





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