Uncover the taboos of Feng Shui in high-rise decor

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In the decoration of residential buildings, we need to pay more attention to Feng Shui, especially to avoid Feng Shui taboos, because once we violate Feng Shui taboos, it will inevitably affect the health of our families, so we all need to know what Feng Shui taboos are in high-rise decoration; So in Feng Shui, how about the taboos of high-rise decoration Feng Shui? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

uncover the taboos of Feng Shui in high-rise decoration

uncover the five taboos of Feng Shui in high-rise decoration

1. Avoid facing the kitchen directly on the balcony

the balcony is facing the kitchen, which is called chuanxinsha in Feng Shui. Such a layout makes the family lose cohesion. There is likely to be a third party between husband and wife, and children often wander outside

solution: if the pattern of the home has become like this, it is difficult to change the layout, so you can add a soft partition between the balcony and the kitchen, such as screens and flower racks, which will be much easier

2. Avoid facing the door directly from the balcony

the balcony facing the door is another kind of heart piercing evil. Although such a layout will not break the family, it will make it difficult for the family to gather wealth

cracking method: set the porch cabinet at the porch position, and then put the fish tank. However, it should be noted that the fish tank belongs to water. If the family has something to overcome it, this method cannot be adopted. Then you can set up a screen at the porch to stop the spread of wealth

3. Sofa, bed, desk, etc. should not be placed under the beam

sofa, bed and desk are all places where people often sit and lie. Having a beam on the head will give people a lot of pressure, make people mentally lax, neurasthenia and physical illness

solution: the most direct way is to try to avoid placing these furniture under the beam. If there is no other way, wrap the beam during interior decoration

4. The stove should not be facing the balcony door, kitchen door or front door

this situation will damage the health of diners at home

solution: Hang curtains on the kitchen door, which is simple and convenient

5. Do not install bright glasses at home

there are 3 pages in total. Page 123 the next page mirrors are evil in Feng Shui, which will destroy the magnetic field in the home. Now many people will install large-area mirrors in their homes for bright visual effects, which is not very good. Because the reflection and refraction of the mirror will cause illusion and distraction

solution: if a large-area mirror has been installed at home and it is difficult to disassemble, simply cover it with a cloth

uncover the taboos about Feng Shui in high-rise decoration

first, according to the eight characters of family members' birthdays

generally speaking, when we choose the floors of high-rise residential buildings, the feng shui knowledge left behind according to the rural tradition will decide how many floors to choose according to the eight characters of family members' birthdays

second, it is forbidden to choose the first floor

in high-rise residential buildings, many people think that the floor with the most uncomfortable water on the first floor is the same in the feng shui of high-rise residential floors, because there are too many floors, and the turbidity formed by all the floors above is concentrated on the first floor, which seriously affects the family fortune

third, it is forbidden to choose 18 floors

in ghost TV dramas, we all know that there is the theory of 18 floors of hell. The level from the first floor to the 18 floors of hell is the heaviest, so in the feng shui of high-rise residential floors, it is particularly sensitive to the special level of 18 floors, so it is best not to choose an 18 floors building

IV. no top floor

generally, the top floor of high-rise residential buildings will be equipped with a top floor garden, which may play a certain role in cooling and preventing pollution for families living on the top floor. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui of high-rise residential buildings, the top floor is a synonym for high-rise buildings, which is extremely difficult to live in, and there will be many obstacles in their careers

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desk, as an important tool for the owner to work and study, will have a great impact on the owner's career. Therefore, we must pay attention to the quality of Feng Shui in the process of using the desk. In fact, most screen desks do not have Feng Shui problems, but in the process of use, you may violate some Feng Shui taboos because of your negligence on Feng Shui problems

the appearance of these things on the screen desk is bad for Feng Shui.

for example, some things should not be placed on the desk, which will have a great impact on your luck

1. Knives: they may be for things like sharpening pencils, so they will be placed on the desk. Some people like decorations such as knives, which are placed on the desk for decoration. However, Feng Shui believes that these will be detrimental to Feng Shui. The knife itself is relatively sharp, there will be a certain sharpness, and there will be a certain destructiveness to Feng Shui aura. Therefore, relatively sharp or sharp objects such as knives should not be placed on the desk as far as possible

2. Cactus: it may be because I heard that cactus can absorb radiation, so many people like to put it in front of the computer. But in fact, placing cactus on the desk will also have a certain adverse impact on the owner's career. The main reason is that cactus has thorns. If placed in other positions, it can have a certain effect of blocking evil spirits, but if placed in front of the owner, it will damage the owner's aura

3. Computer: Although computer is an indispensable tool for modern office. But putting the computer on the desk does have a great impact on the fate of the owner. Because electrical appliances such as computers will have a certain magnetic field, which has a certain destructive effect on the geomantic field, it should be avoided

in the above contents, in addition to the indispensable computer, other things can be avoided, which we should try our best to pay attention to

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