Kelaifu wardrobe raises thousands of hands and win

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On November 14, as scheduled, elites from the building materials industry all over the country gathered in the East China production base of Kelaifu, one of the top ten brands of Chinese wardrobe. They are full of confidence in the wardrobe industry. The past is brilliant, and the future is inevitable! A new year and a new starting point are about to begin. They gather to discuss the development of the home furnishing industry, talk about market strategy and planning, and the general trend of the world in the future. Who will dominate the ups and downs of the overlord? Prepare for a rainy day, get ready to go, and set sail together in 2014

follow the elites of building materials to enter Kelaifu

get together to understand Kelaifu, and are in-depth communication with the staff

an agent who successfully joined Kelaifu actively asked to make a speech with the help of the on-site stage, He said, "Kelaifu gives him a very real feeling. Through in-depth understanding of the enterprise, he believes that joining Kelaifu is the right choice, has confidence in Kelaifu, and has more confidence in tomorrow! I firmly believe that in the future, our Kelaifu family will serve as the leader of Jianou wardrobe."

with the continuous development and progress of Kelaifu, it has been going through trials and tribulations all the way. Thank you very much for your support and customer recognition! Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit. Certificates and medals are the best examples of the strength of Kelaifu. Kelaifu, the top ten wardrobe brands, has always insisted on building the first brand of happy home

successfully joined Kelaifu partners to make a speech

group photos of some successfully signed Kelaifu customers

only by adhering to faith can we succeed. Kelaifu wins the world. I hope that every partner who successfully signed Kelaifu can use the fullest spirit to expand and strengthen the market together with Kelaifu's family, so that Kelaifu wardrobe can enter more households, and let 2014 win at the beginning and in the future





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