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There is no doubt that the quotation budget is the most concerned topic of the owners when carrying out home decoration, because it is the premise of all decoration matters, and it can also enable everyone to have a clear understanding of the decoration cost of their own home, so as to avoid the problems of additional items, omissions, overspending and so on in the future, which will be more troublesome to deal with. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network takes Wudong jinguiyuan as an example. Let's see how much it costs to decorate the 86 square meters of Wudong jinguiyuan

[latest housing information of Wudong jinguiyuan]

housing area: 86 square meters

house type structure: two rooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom

decoration method: half package

decorative style: Modern and simple

[latest quotation of 86 square meters in Wudong jinguiyuan]

specific analysis of quotation: Hydropower Engineering needless to say, everyone knows its importance, but I don't know if you have noticed that the cost of the master bedroom is even much higher than that of the guest restaurant and hydropower Foundation project. The reason is that the owner requires absolute sound insulation in the bedroom and attaches great importance to environmental protection. Looking at other projects, it is relatively average. Generally speaking, according to the quotation made according to the requirements of the owner, the owner believes that the cost performance is relatively high

different houses, different structures, different understanding of decorators and other factors will lead to differences in quotation. However, Xiaobian believes that it is very necessary to make a good decoration budget in the early stage, which can effectively avoid overspending and other phenomena. If you want to find a good decoration company and conduct quotation analysis, come to our Wuhan home decoration network community group decoration activity now, or directly log in to the decoration bidding page, or leave your community name + contact information. After seeing it, customer service will contact you in time to solve your decoration problems. Please click now to register




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